Property Damage


Water is far and away the biggest threat of damage to your property.

     On a typical house with a 2500 square foot roof, and inch of rain will produce a staggering 1500 gallons of water.  Picture 27 barrels around the perimeter of your house all emptying at the same time and you get a good idea of how important a well designed and functioning eavestrough system is to your house.
     As critical as it is for your gutter system to handle a heavy rain, it is just as important to be able to manage all rains.  A consistent drip or leak can rot wood just as surely as a heavy overflow.
     Ice and snow create their own set of problems. A drippy gutter can cause icy sidewalks.  Ice can pull gutters away from the house or create ice dams, which could cause roof leaks.
Regardless of your problems, we have the solutions.

     Heavy rains that overwhelm poorly designed or clogged gutter systems can cause erosion in your landscaping and around your foundation, even getting into your basement and causing serious damage there as well.  However, don’t think that it has to rain hard to cause damage.  A lot of rotted fascia and foundation wood has been caused by the continuos wetting of garden variety showers - damage that could have been prevented with a properly installed and maintained gutter system with adequate gutter protection.

    When water freezes it causes it’s own set of problems.  Obviously leaky gutters dripping on a sidewalk is an accident - and possibly a lawsuit - just waiting to happen.  Ice can also pull gutters loose allowing water to get behind the gutter and cause fascia damage.  Ice could possibly pull your gutters completely off the house and onto whatever is below.

     A properly installed and maintained gutter system will catch the water from your roof and transport it to safe locations around your house where it can then flow harmlessly away.   

     Gutter protection is a critical element in any gutter system.  Clogged gutters are in many ways worse than no gutters since they can potentially transport all the water from your roof to the down spouts, only to have them overflow because there is a blockage.  Instead of water falling to the ground around the entire perimeter of your house, it is now focused in a few specific areas.  Proper gutter protection can help protect your house against property damage.